Ponds & Gardens

Backyard View at Maison d'Etre (left to right) -- Wishing Well Planter, Entry Boardwalk into Woods, 3-Level Fountain Pond, and Winged Gazebo -- designed and planted by Kevin Miller; constructed by Robert Allen
Waterfall & Pond, designed & constructed by Kevin Miller & Robert Allen
The view from the waterfall, over the pond, spillway & natural stream, at Maison d'Etre
Young Buddha's Waterfall, viewed from the large bridge over the stream at Maison d'Etre -- Constructed by Robert Allen with design assistance from Kevin Miller
Winged Gazebo, designed by Kevin Miller, constructed by Robert Allen
3-Level Fountain Pond at Maison d'Etre, designed and constructed by Kevin Miller and Robert Allen
A Golden Lotus blooms at Maison d'Etre
Wishing Well Planter, designed and planted by Kevin Miller
Beyond the stream and beside the large pond, a Pagoda Gazebo is under construction at Maison d'Etre, designed and decorated by Kevin Miller, constructed by Robert Allen

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